How to Win Employee of the Month

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How to Win Employee of the Month. With a little recognition, you can go a long way in a business. Employers appreciate employees who take the initiative to make a difference in a company. Do a great job and you too can be employee of the month.

Show up for work on time; keep perfect attendance and meet all deadlines. Prove that you're a reliable employee and that you can be counted on to get the job done.

Be helpful and ask customers what they need and be polite. Help your coworkers and your boss without being asked to do so.

Understand your companies core values and philosophies. Know your company's mission statement and adhere to its principles.

Set a good example for your coworkers. Care about your job and the company you work for. Demonstrate good communication skills and a loyal work ethic.

Demonstrate a friendly, positive attitude and show a pleasant demeanor. Keep any negative comments to yourself and never gossip about other people. Get along with your coworkers and help solve any problems and disputes that arise in the workplace.

Be a team player and get along with other workers. Be independent when needed and show ambition and initiative. Learn new things without being asked. Take a course or learn a new computer program to help you at work.

Offer to work overtime and help coworkers with extra shifts. Come in to work whenever someone is sick and your boss needs help right away.

Stand out from the crowd. Go beyond your employer's expectations. Show what you can do for the company. Read all company employee manuals and follow all safety standards so you can do your job efficiently.

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