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Examples of Integrity in the Workplace

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Integrity comes in many forms, but honesty and dependability are two traits that are expected in most workplace situations. Without responsible behavior, distrust can make a work environment tense and uncomfortable. A strong work ethic shows co-workers and clients that you're reliable and take your responsibilities seriously. Polite communication, respectable behavior and fiscal responsibility also help you stand out as a trustworthy employee.

Work When You're on the Clock

Working diligently when you're on the clock is a clear example of workplace integrity. Socializing, surfing the Internet, making personal phone calls, texting and frequent snacking are activities that detract from work time. Saving those activities for break time will show your boss, coworkers and customers that you work hard when you're on the clock. The career website Calibrate Coaching recommends honoring your work hours by not stealing time from your employer. Even if you don't actually clock in and out with a time card, focusing on your work responsibilities while you're at your desk, work station or production area will showcase your strong work habits.

Follow Company Policies

Abiding by company policies is a powerful way to demonstrate integrity. Cutting corners and neglecting to follow workplace regulations can lead to mistakes, problems and even dangerous situations. Your willingness to properly record financial transactions, safely dispense of hazardous or toxic materials, follow company protocol for dealing with clients, perform clean-up or set-up procedures and properly maintain equipment shows others that you're not just looking for the easy way out. Establishing yourself as a trustworthy worker who submits to company policies shows your boss and coworkers that you'll faithfully carry out your duties.

Respect Coworkers and Build Trust

Respecting those you work with reveals your desire to create a healthy work environment. Polite communication, appropriate interactions and respect for coworkers' thoughts and ideas demonstrate your ability to look beyond your own interests to pursue team-centered work goals. As you deal with coworkers honestly and respectfully, you establish a level of trust with them. According to Amy Rees Anderson, a contributor to Forbes magazine, those who trust you will spread the word of that trust to their associates, and word of your character will spread like wildfire.

Exhibit Responsible Behavior

Integrity in the workplace often stems from moral and ethical behavior. Making sure there's no reason to question your conduct is one of the best ways to prove that you are an honest and dependable employee. Avoid using company products or equipment for personal use and submit exact receipts for travel or meal reimbursements. Don't over-promise what you can't provide and strive to meet deadlines. Work productively and cooperate during company meetings so you don't appear lazy or apathetic, and don't call in sick if you aren't. By exhibiting responsible behavior, you don't give coworkers or clients the opportunity to question your integrity.


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