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How to Become a Sports Analyst

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A sports analyst can write articles for magazines, newspapers and other publications. Some sports analysts give information to sports broadcasters and reporters. In addition, some teams have sports analysts on staff to help the coaches analyze the team's performance along with the performance of opposing teams.

Study the rules of the sports you want to analyze. Start by focusing on a specific sport, such as professional football or college baseball. The more sports you are familiar with, the more likely you are to find a job.

Earn a degree in journalism or mass communication or possibly health and fitness.

Prepare your resume and include such things as volunteering as a Little League coach, working as a freelance writer or taking a job as a sports manager.

Prepare a sample piece. Make sure it is something useful, such as a specific situation with the team you are applying to. One example of this is writing an analysis of one quarter of a football game.

Apply for positions at many different companies and publications. Be willing to take single assignments and possibly unpaid or low-paying jobs until you become established.


Dress appropriately for games and events you attend, even if you aren't working. You never know when you will meet a business contact.


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