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How to Practice Tattooing

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How to Practice Tattooing. If you're thinking of becoming a tattoo artist, you're going to need to practice your tattooing. And now you're wondering if there's someway to practice tattooing without subjecting a victim to your poor skills-you don't want a reputation as the person who gave a bad tattoo. Luckily, there is a way to practice your tattooing without subjecting someone to a horrible tattoo.

Purchase practice tattoo skin. This amazing product mimics real skin and allows you to get the practice you need to become a tattoo artist. It'll also let you try out new techniques, colors and stencils without subjecting a real person to your practicing. Some artists will save the practice skin so they can show people what the "real" tattoo would look like on skin.

Tattoo on fruit. The most popular choice is a honeydew melon since it looks the most like skin.

Try pig's feet or ears. Pig's feet and ears, though thicker than human skin, is actual skin, making it preferable for many artists. Purchase pig's feet and ears through butchers.

Find a human guinea pig. Once you have an idea of what you're doing, you can practice you tattooing on friends and family. You can even practice on yourself. Just let any person know that you're practicing on that you're still learning tattooing.


Most tattoo artists believe that you if you undergo an apprenticeship with a reputable artist, you don't need to practice; they'll teach you what you need to know and you'll be ready to go. If you do end up practicing on friends and family make sure you're using standard precautions and all your equipment has gone through a thorough sanitizing.