How to Become a Police Officer in Australia

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Becoming a police officer in Australia is a several-stage process, but you must meet the minimum requirements before continuing on to the other stages of the application process. Once the minimum requirements have been met, you will continue to stages two and three of the application process.

Hold permanent residency status in Australia, be an Australian citizen or be a New Zealand citizen with a special category visa. When you submit your application to become a police officer in Australia, you must furnish proof of permanent residency or citizenship.

Possess a valid Australian Open driver's license or an Australian provisional license. In addition, you will need at least one year driving experience.

Successfully complete a defensive driving course that is recognized by the Queensland Police Service. As an Australian police officer, you will be required to operate a motor vehicle as specified above.

Meet medical and health standards that are outlined by the National Road Transport Commission's guidelines. These guidelines have been incorporated into another stage of the application process to become an Australian police officer.

Meet the education requirements. Education requirements to become an Australian police officer depend on how many years of employment experience you have. If you have less than three years of work experience, you must complete three or more semesters of bachelor degree study. If you have between three and five years of work experience, you will need 400 hours of diploma study or eight subjects of a bachelor degree. Finally, if you have five or more years of full-time work experience, you need a minimum of 200 hours of diploma-level study or four subjects of a bachelor degree.

Complete all minimum requirements before submitting an application to become a police officer in Australia. Once the minimum requirements are met, you will be required to undergo a series of mental and physical competency tests. After the testing phase, you will enter the selection phase where you will be informed if you have been chosen.


If you have not been chosen, request feedback as to why. They provide it when requested. Begin physical training early enough to ensure you can pass. Make sure you're well rested and alert for testing and interviews. Know and understand what your job duties are prior to the interview and application process.