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How to Get a Hazmat Endorsement in Georgia

Hazmat endorsements allow commercial drivers to transport hazardous materials. The endorsements are given by state and are overseen by the Transportation Security Administration and the United States Department of Transportation. There are many requirements for obtaining a Hazmat endorsement in Georgia. The driver must not have committed certain crimes, must have citizenship or a valid immigration status, and must submit to a background check.

Print the endorsement form (see Resources). Ensure that you meet all the qualifications for the Hazmat endorsement. You cannot have committed the crimes listed in Section 1 of the form. You must be a citizen or hold immigration status as outlined in Section 2. Your identity must be verified through a background check as outlined in Section 3.

Fill out the form. The form includes personal identification information as well as employment information. Answer the questions about the eligibility requirements.

Take the form to the local Department of Drivers Service office (see Resources).

Sign and date the form in front of the licensing representative. The representative will also sign the form, write down the signing location and process the form. Fingerprints may also be taken at this time.


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