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How to Fill Out an FBI Fingerprint Card

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When requesting a background check for employment or licensing within the United States, state statute or federal law might require your request be submitted through the state identification bureau, federal agency requesting the background check or any other authorized agency. Contact the agency requesting the background check to find out the process for obtaining an FBI fingerprint background check for employment or licensing purposes. Follow the instruction on the application to avoid the request being rejected.

Print your last name, first name and middle name in black ink. Do not mark anywhere in the boxes that say "leave blank".

Leave the signature portion blank.

List any names used in the past in the alias box. A married female will enter her entire maiden name.

Enter the date of birth in month/day/year format.

List the street address, city and state of the person being fingerprinted.

Enter the Social Security number of the person being fingerprinted in the box labeled Social Security Number (SOC).

Enter the country of citizenship in the box labeled Citizenship (CTZ).

Fill in the box labeled "Sex" using M for male and F for female.

Fill in the box labeled "Race" using the following abbreviations: W-White H-Hispanic B-Black I-Native American/Alaskan Native A-Asian/Pacific Islander U-Unknown

Enter the height and weight of the person being fingerprinted. Do not use fractions for the height. Do not use ounces on the weight.

Enter the one of the following abbreviation for corresponding eye color: BLK – Black BLU – Blue BRO – Brown GRY – Gray GRN – Green HZL – Hazel

Enter one of the following abbreviations for corresponding hair color: BLK – Black BRO – Brown GRY – Gray RED – Red WHI – White BAL – Bald BLD – Blonde

Enter the state, province, territory or country where the person was born in the box labeled "Place of Birth (POB)".

Contact a local law enforcement agency to schedule a time to be fingerprinted. Bring an identification card to the appointment. A fingerprint technician must perform the fingerprints and sign the card in the appropriate area. The person being fingerprinted must sign the card in the presence of the person who takes the prints.


If a finger is missing or a rash or hand deformity prevents the fingerprints from being clear, a statement must be submitted from the person taking the prints explaining the situation in cases of deformity or from a doctor for a skin irritation. Include the statement with the fingerprint card.


If the prints are smudged or blurred, the card will be rejected and a new card must obtained.