How to Become a lab Technician

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How to Become a lab Technician. There are different types of lab technicians. Dental lab technician, medical lab technician, research lab technician and materials lab technician are a few of the options. The education and experience requirements for each one varies slightly because the job requirements and job duties vary for each job.

Decide what type of lab technician you want to become. If the sight of blood and other bodily fluids makes you queasy, dental lab technician and medical lab technician may prove to be bad choices.

Get the education you need. For non-medical lab technician positions, you may need to complete only a simple training program. For medical or dental lab tech positions, you will usually need a two or four year degree. For some advanced lab technician positions, you may need a Masters degree or Doctorate.

Take your certification exam. For most medical lab technician jobs, you will need to take a certification exam before you can work.

Apply for jobs. Keep in mind that you may be able to get a job faster by going to a small company. If lab technician jobs in your area are scarce or hard to get, you may need to apply for an unpaid apprenticeship or internship in order to get your foot in the door.


Make sure that you study hard and do your best in school and for your certification exam. Some employers will want a copy of your transcripts from school and a copy of your exam scores to determine if they will hire you.

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