How to Work Front Desk at a Hotel

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Working at the front desk of a hotel can be an excellent way to begin a career in hotel management. However, this can also be a very stressful and at times annoying job. With the right amount of patience and skills, this could be a job that catapults you into a very fulfilling career. Here is how to work front desk at a hotel.

Work on your typing skills. Most hotels will require you to have the ability to type so many words a minute. You can test your typing skills online through several different websites. In order to work front desk at a hotel, you should be able to type somewhere between 60 and 80 words per minute. The exact number will depend on the hotel where you work.

Expand on your computer skills. Most hotels have a specific software program used for checking in and billing guests. Chances are that you will not know how to use every tool of this program unless you've worked in a hotel before. However, you should be knowledgeable in both word processing programs and spreadsheet programs. The hotel you are interviewing with may even test you on your competency in these two programs. You won't have to perform large tasks with these programs but you should know the basics. If you've taken any class in high school, college or technical regarding these two programs, you will be more than prepared to work front desk at a hotel.

Be able to multi-task. There will unquestionably come a time while working front desk at a hotel when you will have to perform a couple of tasks at the same time. For example, you may have to be on the phone while checking the computer to see if a room is available and then checking that person in. It's important that you can handle all of these tasks without making any mistakes.

Be personable yet confident during your interview. You need plenty of people skills to work front desk at a hotel. You will encounter a variety of people throughout your day and some will be difficult. It's important that you can be friendly with these people, all the while not giving in too much. If you can show these characteristics during the interview process, you will increase the likelihood of getting hired.

Have patience and lots of it. This is especially important if you are working front desk at an upscale hotel. Unfortunately, many of the guests at these establishments will believe that they are “better” than you (or at least that is how you will be treated). You obviously cannot raise your voice to these individuals. There are also people out there who are simply looking to get a deal on their hotel room. These people may decide to come up with “complaints” while checking out. It's important that you handle every situation carefully and with a good attitude. Working front desk at a hotel means that you are the face of the company to guests, even if only for a few minutes. You want the guests to always leave feeling that they received the best service possible so that they will return for another stay.