How to Get Dell Certification

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How to Get Dell Certification. Dell now offers a complete set of enterprise and repair certifications for their products. Certifications to become an on-site Dell repair representative or to build career value with your company are currently available. Classes and locations are available across the country and designed to offer efficient classroom time and flexible schedules.

Select the certification that best fits the career path you choose. Customer service representatives, server management and networking are a few of the popular choices. Talk with experienced professionals in the field to help determine the best classes for you.

Choose between on-site or field application programs. Field programs designed to meet the needs of professionals who do repair and support in home or small business environments. This includes speeding up the replacement process and training Dell customers on correct use of products. On-site specialist support large offices and are able to work directly with Dell instead of customer support.

Find the class availability in your area on the Dell website under "Training." Select a time and location that works best.

Collect the study and class materials prior to your first class. Familiarize yourself with the topics covered. Consider starting a study group to work on the material.

Attend every class and have required materials available. You'll be required to carry a security badge or identification on some of the campuses. Set appropriate study time aside in preparation for the final exam.

Take advantage of self-tests prior to the final exam; these tests are provided by Dell as well as available for download on the Internet. Review each test carefully to identify areas that require further study time.

Arrive early for your test, which will be closed book and multiple choice. The length of the exam varies based on the difficulty of the selected certification.


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