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Looking for a job can be a hassle, unless you know where to do the best search possible. In Canada, there are several ways you can do a job search, and if done carefully and with some thought, you should have no trouble looking for a job.

Search online. Job search sites for Canada include Workopolis, CanadaVisa, Eluta, Find a Job Canada and AllStarJobs. Workopolis and Eluta offer keyword searches as well as search by type and area. Find a Job Canada lets you look by type and location, while AllStarJobs lists by area and then groups all of the listings for that area in one place. Canadavisa is a service by immigration lawyers that includes a job search option for different types of jobs and areas, as well as advice on getting work visas and other immigration-related issues.

Check the job classified listings in a newspaper. Most of the larger daily and weekly papers will include regular postings for available jobs. Choose the city you wish to job search in and then pick up or read online for a recent newspaper from that city. Job ads will be separated into types, so you can easily find work that you have the experience, knowledge or interest to apply for.

Contact an employment agency. Some agencies work in just certain areas, while others cover larger parts of Canada. You can online or in the phone book under Employment Agency. Companies like Roevin and Aerotek specialize in job placement for businesses looking for employees skilled in engineering, skilled trade and technical jobs. Others, like Randstad Canada and Spherion, are staffing agencies for both temporary and permanent job placements. Be sure to ask what kind of candidates they are looking for when you call to set up an appointment, so that you don't go in expecting to find you a job when they don't place people with your skills set.

Go door to door. This is one of the oldest methods of finding a job and can still work for you. Once you have chosen the area you are interested in working in, look through the phone book for the businesses that you are interested in working for or match your skills set. Then go to each one and personally drop off a resume and cover letter. Don't be too pushy when you walk in, because that could leave a bad impression with the very people you are hoping to impress. Instead, ask if they are hiring or taking resumes, and then leave your resume for the person in charge of hiring.

Check out the Human Resources and Social Development Canada organization. This group gives information on where to look for jobs, how to look for jobs, who has recently hired people with your skills, and laws and regulations regarding employees and job seekers in Canada. They can tell you how to improve your resume, work on your interviewing skills and how to dress to impress.


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