How to Get Appointed by an Insurance Company

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How to Get Appointed by an Insurance Company. Insurance companies operate based on several different business models. The most widely used and well known model is to appoint an insurance agent to sell the company's products and services. Most people need some kind of insurance so there are many opportunities for you to become an appointed insurance agent.

Decide what kind of insurance you'd like to become appointed to sell. The most common types of insurance are property, casualty (liability), life and health. Most insurance agents sell all four of these products.

Research your state's insurance agent licensing requirements. Most states require you to complete a set number of pre-licensing education hours before becoming licensed to sell insurance.

Register for a pre-licensing course for each type of insurance that you'd like to be appointed to sell. Make sure the course is compliant with your state's regulations. You can take classroom courses or self study.

Put together your resume. Focus on your insurance licenses and previous sales experience on your resume. A degree in business is helpful, but not required to become an appointed insurance agent.

Write a unique cover letter for each insurance company with which you apply for appointment. You can explain why you want to be appointed to sell for that company, as well as define reasons that you'd be a great sales person in your cover letter.

Send your resume and cover letter to each insurance company with which you'd like to interview.

Dress and act professionally for all interviews with insurance companies. Insurance and financial services companies tend to be very conservative and will be more likely to offer you an appointment to sell insurance for them if you project a clean and professional demeanor.


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