How to Pass a CDL Air Brakes Test

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How to Pass a CDL Air Brakes Test. Owning a CDL has many advantages. From being called upon to drive large vehicles such as buses to finding good jobs, having a CDL proves worth the hassle to get one. In getting one, you must pass a few more tests than those who don't have a CDL. One of those tests id the air brake test.

Get a CDL testing manual from your local DMV. The CDL manual has all the information on air brakes in it that you need to pass your test.

Read over and study the material to retain the most amount of information possible. You need to take the information beyond the test itself and into the truck to help make decisions while you're actually driving a commercial vehicle.

Use memorization and word association techniques to help with retention. One of these techniques is to write the question on a 3x5 card with the answer on the back.

Review the questions and answers as many times as possible. Take a week or two to go over the information so you can take the test with confidence.

Create scenarios in your mind as you read and study in order to relate to the test questions as best as possible.

Take the test when you know the answers well and they're fresh in your mind. You either know them or you don't.

Answer the questions directly. Your first inclination to an answer is usually the correct one so don't spend much time on any one question.

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