How to Change Forks on a Forklift

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How to Change Forks on a Forklift. Forklift usage can reduce and minimize time and labor in any industry. The key to this being an advantage is having the appropriate forks for the job that you need to complete. To move the load, you simply must have the right forks for the job. Here's how to change forks on a forklift so you can move the load safely and securely.

Find the right forks for the job. Palleted and non-palleted material requires different types of forks to properly lift them. For instance, un-palleted cardboard boxes require a sharp-ended fork that slides under the box, while you can lift palleted material with somewhat safer blunt-ended forks. Ask your supervisor or trainer which forks you need for the job.

Refer to the instruction manual for your model of forklift. Each forklift has its own design and way to change the forks. Designs that move large amounts of material range from simple pallet mover hand trucks, found in grocery stores, to large, four-wheeled forklifts designed to move construction and other material in any direction.

Determine if your model has quick-change forks. Many newer models have these forks to make changing the forks a much easier task.

Remove the forks, or set of forks according to the manufacturer's directions. Most quick-change forks simply drop mechanically.

Make sure you have the side shifter and postioners in the proper place so that the new forks or attachment fits properly on the forklift.

Attach forks or the proper lifting attachment according to the forklift's directions. Be sure you attach them securely and perform a safety check before loading the forks.

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