How to Become an FBI Agent

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Joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is one of the most rewarding careers in the field of law enforcement since they are an extension of the Department of Justice. Being an agent takes dedication and commitment to serving the people of America.

The qualifications of a candidate

Candidates who apply to the FBI must be at least 23 years old, and no older than 37 upon being appointed as a special agent. Candidates are required to hold a bachelor's degree or higher and must qualify under specific areas such as languages, law, accounting, computer science and information technology, and diversification. Candidates must have a valid driver's license and be available to be assigned upon completion of training to FBI field offices across the country and even field offices overseas.

Candidates will also have to undergo a full background check and pass a drug screening plus not be in default with college and university loans that are backed by the government. Candidates must have a clean record meaning no felonies or anything questionable in their background, and not have failed to register with selective service (only applies to males). The background check will entail checking your credit history, and conducting extensive interviews with everyone in your life from your friends to your former college professors.

The background check and interviewing of people in your life is because all FBI jobs require authorized security clearance to access classified and top secret information within the FBI and other areas of the government.

Candidates are also required to pass a physical agility test which consists of so many push-ups in one minute, 300 meter sprint (timed), number of push-ups (untimed), and a run of 1 1/2 miles (timed). Candidates get only 3 chances to complete the physical agility test.

Candidates who complete the application process and pass the background and drug screening along with the physical agility test will go on to train at the FBI academy in Quantico, Virginia just outside Washington D.C. to continue training until such a time when they're assigned someplace by the FBI.


If you have defaulted on loans from college you must get things current and maintain it before you apply so that it reflects when they check your financials. Monitor your credit history make sure you clear up all your debts before you apply so that too reflects on record and won't be held against you.

If you are involved with or married to someone who's a convicted felon they can't be a part of your life because that can affect your chances of getting into the FBI academy.

Be in moderate to excellent shape to be able to pass the agility test and candidates are strongly suggested to start training early before applying to get your fitness level up to pass the agility test.

You will have to be willing to move anywhere you're assigned to upon completion of your training and candidates should not apply if they're not willing to relocate for a job.

This is a high-demand job and if candidates can't work under pressure than this is not the job for you.