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How to Celebrate a New Job

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Any time your name appears on a new paycheck, a celebration is in order. Before your mind disappears into work mode, take some time to savor the moment of getting a new job.

Alert Your Supporters

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If you’ve been looking for a job for a long time, your supporters will be as anxious as you to hear the good news. Tell them right away so they can share in your joy and relief. Make the announcement as dramatic as possible -- if they’re nearby, tell them in person; if they live out of town, use Facetime or Skype. Remain open to surprises; your friends might throw you a party or take you out for drinks to celebrate.

Alert Social Media

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If you have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a LinkedIn account, post the news online and receive congratulations on your new job in seconds. Because Facebook and LinkedIn both ask for your work information, updating your account with your new info may automatically alert your online community.

Dinner and Drinks

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If no one offers to take you out to celebrate, offer to take them. Gather a group of your nearest and dearest, and hit up a local bar or eatery. Make sure to spend within reason, however. If you can’t afford to take your crew out on the town, invite them for a cozy night in. Treat for pizza, an exciting movie at home and a bottle of wine. Hang a banner and throw glitter to make the atmosphere festive.

Pay Off Debt

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Perhaps you have a few expenses hanging in the balance because you weren’t sure about your income in the near future. Now that you’re employed, celebrate your new position by paying whom you owe. The faster you pay people off, the faster you can really enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Buy Something Special

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Celebrate by treating yourself to a little something, recommends Denise Duffield-Thomas at Upgrade your phone, buy a cup of tea at your favorite cafe, splurge on a new pair of boots or just enjoy a dinner or a movie with your favorite overachiever -- you. The amount of money you spend doesn’t matter. The important thing is that acknowledge your milestones with something to make you smile.


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