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How to Celebrate a Job Promotion

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Receiving a job promotion is one of the happiest events in a person's life, especially if it's a position you've had your eyes on for a while. You may barely be able to contain yourself when receiving the news, but when you get home, it's time to start planning a celebration. Customize your celebration to your tastes and do exactly what will help you soak in the happy feeling of receiving the promotion.

Take your partner out for dinner at a fancy restaurant if you are in a relationship. Buy whatever meal you want, regardless of the price. This is your opportunity to splurge.

Buy yourself a new dress or a garment that is relevant for the job you will be working. Your first day in the new position will be that much more special if you arrive in new clothes.

Pamper yourself at a spa, get a haircut, a pedicure and a manicure. Get a massage -- soak in the feeling of the promotion.

Take a vacation if you have the time between positions. Revel in the glory of securing the new job and splurge, especially if you will receive a raise with the promotion.

Throw a party for you and your best friends. Make them food and drinks to share the joy of your promotion.


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