How to Join the Teamsters Union

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How to Join the Teamsters Union. The Teamsters Union is an international group comprising the most diverse membership of any workers' union and is generally related to transportation and freight services. Joining the Teamsters Union provides an opportunity for better pay, improved and regulated working conditions and benefits.

Take a grassroots poll among the employees at your company to see if there's sufficient interest. Try to stay under the radar of management when discovering the group consensus. Individuals can't join Teamsters if a union doesn't already exist at your place of employment.

Count the people who favor unionizing. Speak privately with any coworkers who are undecided. Take the time to hear their concerns and consider their personal reasons for their indecision. Answer questions to the best of your knowledge or tell coworkers you need to find the answer to their questions. Call the Teamsters Union for help in answering difficult questions. Revisit the conversation when you can respond fully.

Leave alone those who are outright opposed to unionizing and don't attempt to sway their opinions. Don't talk negatively about them in any way. Remember they have the right to an opposing decision.

Sign your Union Authorization Card and encourage your coworkers to do the same. If you're the union organizer, make sure that all coworkers have received a Union Authorization Card and are aware of the benefits and challenges of unionizing.


Avoid threats, coercion and physical abuse when speaking to co-workers who are unwilling to join or even speaking out against the prospect of a union. Move on to the next person with a fresh perspective and attitude that she might be interested.