How to Become Union President

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How to Become Union President. Without unions, many people wouldn't have a voice in their workplace. Unions provide solidarity and work to improve wages and working conditions. Union presidents speak for membership and are empowered to settle disputes and negotiate contracts. They also keep abreast of national events by attending meetings throughout the country.

Become a member of the union. Actively participate in the general membership meetings. Get to know your local by-laws and contracts.

Pay dues on time. Some unions collect annually, monthly or bi-weekly.

Work your way up the ranks. Typically, you should hold another position like secretary, treasurer or vice president before running for president. This will enhance your knowledge about how the union works. Members will get to know you and your accomplishments.

Submit your name as a candidate when it's election time. Tell union leadership that you're interested in running for president. Start to drum up support.

Create fliers that promote what you've done for the union. List your personal information, your accomplishments and your plans for the membership. Design a website for your campaign.

Campaign until election day. Distribute literature and get to know the union membership. If the union represents people at different companies, go to the other shops to meet and greet people.

Promote your agenda by focusing on the issues that have the most affect on the members. If the company is trying to cut benefits or lengthen work days, focus on how you'd protect the members.

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