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How Do I Join a New York Security Guard Union?

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The Service Employees International Union represents security guards working in the New York City area. The SEIU aggressively works to expand its organizing efforts for security guards in New York.


The SEIU 32BJ is the local union that organizes security workers in New York, where it has already organized 6,000 of the estimated 60,000 security workers in the city. The union continues to expand organizing efforts to new work places.

Contacting the Union

The SEIU 32BJ persists in its drive to unionize private security workers. Security guards should contact the union's security division about organizing their work place. The SEIU 32BJ is located 101 Avenue of the Americas, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10013. The phone number is 212-388-3861. The union can assist by providing an organizer to facilitate unionization efforts at a company.

Contract Action Team

Individuals who look to help expand the union beyond their workplaces, can join the Contract Action Team in a leadership role. CAT members join the recruiting efforts at their workplace, build community support and support organizing and political campaigns.


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