How to Write a Resume for a Mystery Shopping Job

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How to Write a Resume for a Mystery Shopping Job. Most people like to shop. Shopping and getting paid to do it seems like a dream but there are people out there every day who do just this. This is called mystery shopping and the people who have these special assignments work hard to keep them. Break into the mystery shopping field with a resume that will get attention. Read on to learn more.

Gather all pertinent information to bring to your resume. Choose bright white or high resolution paper and type your information professionally.

Select any customer service experience you have had and report this on your resume. Mystery shopping is about evaluating customer service and it is helpful to know what it is you are evaluating.

Choose any experience performing inspection duties. Mystery shopping requires an eye for detail so let them know you already have experience in this field.

Comment on the fact that you love to shop. Also elaborate in your comments that you are available anytime, if you are, and how far you are willing to travel. Be sure you are prepared to follow through on whatever promises you make in your resume.

Add a comment about what you think customer service is and what you look for when asking for help at a store.

Enter any actual experience you have in mystery shopping no matter how long ago. Even a one time experience should be noted.


You will probably land your first mystery shopping job by being available on the spot to shop for a company. Make sure to include, in the comment field, that you are available at a moment's notice. Include your cell phone number and answer the phone when it rings and you will get your first shop. Then amend your resume with this experience.

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