How to Deal with Discrimination

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Discrimination can be hurtful and can occur almost anywhere. Whether you're at a store, restaurant or at work, individuals may project their ignorance upon you based on your race, gender or religion. Once you've experienced discrimination, there are a number of steps you could take.

How to deal with discrimination

You'll have to put anger aside and think about how you were victimized and whether you are being oversensitive.

Take a minute to think what you want to say to the individual during a confrontation. It's important to stay calm and collected when conveying how the discriminative act made you feel.

Tell the individual that what they did or said offended you. If you are unable to confront the individual, tell a manager or authoritative figure quickly. Time is key when reporting discriminative issues.

If the problem is recurring, keep a log of all the instances where the individual offended you. If the discrimination continues, remind a manager or authoritative figure that you want it to stop.





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