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How to Use Printable Planner Calendar Pages

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You can save money with free printable planner calendar pages that you find online. In fact, after you choose and print your printable calendar pages, and use the free planner pages in your own binder, you'll probably never spend money on organizer pages again. You can easily customize your DayTimer, DayRunner, Franklin Planner or other personal organizer with printable planner calendar pages.

Organize your current agenda to determine which printable planner calendar pages you currently need. Purge your old or outdated agenda pages to make room for the new ones.

Go to the DIY Printable Planner Calendar Pages site at DIYPlanner.com.

Click on the "Templates" section at the top right-hand portion of the page. Select and print the printable planner calendar pages from the DIY site's extensive collection. There is an official DIY set for almost all size planners, as well as reader-submitted free planner pages templates.

Punch holes and organize the printable planner calendar pages that meet your needs. Look for budget sheets, menu plans and exercise routine planner pages to complement your regular monthly and weekly printable planner calendar pages.


Print a test planner page before printing groups of pages to make sure it fits in your planner properly and it's what you want. Use different color printer pages for different sections of your binder for a color-coded agenda.

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