How to Quit a Job by Email

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How to Quit a Job by Email. Quitting a job can be stressful, and some people dread this situation to such a degree they freeze. You can avoid a personal confrontation, or at least postpone one, if you quit your job by email.

Be courteous in your email, even if your boss enraged you. You may be asking him for a reference so don't attack him.

Explain the details. State the reasons why you can no longer continue in your present position.

Keep your email closed. Do not ask questions unless you feel it is necessary. Be direct, brief and leave your emotions at home. It is business and should be treated as just that.

Be rational. If you are fuming and you quit because of a fight or something uncomfortable in the office environment, do not start naming names. It will only make you seem immature, and you will not be respected at all for your actions.

Leave in peace. Jobs come and go and every employer knows there is turnover in the work place. Thank your boss in your email for the experience and tell them it just wasn't working out for you at this time.

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