How to Become a Gas Plant Operator

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How to Become a Gas Plant Operator. Gas plant operators are very highly paid, normally. It's demanding work, however, and can be stressful due to working with highly volatile substances under high pressures and flow rates. Operators sometimes work long shifts and are on-call outside of working hours. Most jobs require some advance training or experience, so use these steps to get on a career path to become a gas plant operator.

Get experience in an entry level job, such as working in a gas station. You'll not only be building your resume, you'll discover if you are suited to working with highly volatile liquids and as part of a team.

Look for training courses at technical or community colleges near you or search the Internet for online training courses. Complete a course of study.

Obtain training in basic physics, basic chemistry, mathematics, instrumentation, computers, mechanics and safety.

Pass Operator Qualification courses prescribed by OSHA and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Apply for jobs through your state's employment services, or do an Internet search for jobs. Go to websites for major oil companies and search job opportunities. Some companies offer on-the-job training.

Submit resumes and fill out applications. Network with people who are working in the industry if you can.

Expect to work shift work and in all kinds of weather conditions and to do menial tasks along with important work.


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