How to Become a Wedding Musician

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How to Become a Wedding Musician. Wedding musicians typically do not earn a full-time income, but this work can give you a decent side income. The requirements to become a wedding musician are a love of classical music and an ability to pour your emotion into your music. Good presentation skills are vital, too, as the bride and groom want everyone at the wedding to look wonderful.

Become intimately familiar with wedding music. Most brides select the traditional music, such as the song commonly called "The Bridal March." Learn this music and work on getting to know other classic pieces as well. Be prepared to suggest songs should the bride and groom not know exactly what they want.

Work on your references. No one wants to hire an unknown for a wedding. Start by offering to play for friends or church members who are getting married. You may need to do two to three gigs for free in exchange for a good reference.

Create a website and have business cards. People planning weddings meet so many people they cannot remember them all. Design an elegant website and business cards to hand out to people who may be interested in your services.

Create a CD. Recording music these days is pretty simple and inexpensive. Though you don't need the full production of recording a CD for commercial sale, put together a couple of recordings of you playing wedding music. Have this music available online as an MP3 or on a CD. Should you be concerned about people getting the CD and not hiring you, only include 30-second snippets of various songs.

Connect with bridal shop owners and wedding planners. These people often make suggestions to their clients about who to hire. They make those suggestions on the basis of their contacts. Make a good impression and be accommodating, and you can get on the short list of wedding musician hires.

Hit the advertising circuit. Put up fliers and advertise online. Talk to everyone you know about your new plans to be a wedding musician. Though the booths are expensive, consider going in with other musicians to rent a booth at a bridal fair. These fairs are wonderful opportunities to target your marketing to the people who are in the process of hiring a wedding coordinator. List yourself online at places that connect vendors with brides and grooms.

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