How to Be an Energy Consultant

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How to Be an Energy Consultant. Energy Consultants help businesses with their energy cost. For many businesses, their energy utility bill takes up a good portion of their budget. With energy prices on the rise, this will only increase. An energy consultant will help you with tips to cut your energy bill. They also offer utility bill tracking, ensuring that you are not overcharged.

Attain the required education. While there are no specific college tracks that cover this, college education can help a great deal. Learning about energy and the specifics will give you a great understanding. Majoring in an engineering field dealing with energy would be helpful.

Learn specifics about energy conservation. This field is full of ideas and useful information. It also has quite a bit of false information. Learning all you can will be a help. Read journals and newsletter in the field.

Secure employment with an energy consultant firm. There are several around. Actually working as an energy consultant with others will be a learning experience itself. Search the Internet using "Energy Consultant wanted," in your Internet search window.

Save your clients money and productivity with their energy consumption. Be the best that you can in your field. Your clients will come to trust and respect you the more you show them that you are working for them.

Help your clients set and maintain energy efficient goals. This will take planning and investigation on your part. Monitor their progress and discuss with them measures to make improvements and changes.


With the price of oil and gas increasing, this field is predicted to become very valuable. It is a field that technology greatly influences. Keep up on the latest advances. If opening your own consulting firm, consider working pro-bono for business to get reference and reviews. Non-profit agencies will greatly benefit from this service as well as yourself.

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