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How to Become a Tomb Raider

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How to Become a Tomb Raider. The Victorians truly believed they were benefiting the Egyptian culture when they removed thousands of artifacts from ancient tombs and crumbling pyramids and took them overseas. Many still grace the galleries of museums all over the world with no signs of returning to their owners. Even today, the theft of antiquities is both a legal and illegal profession. Whether you are a museum curator, an archaeologist, or simple shovel bum, below are a few tips on becoming a modern day tomb raider.

Determine what permits you will need for your intended digging site and contact the necessary authorities as soon as possible. Permits can take months to come through and are often drawn once a year so be prepared.

Gather your team at your chosen site. Remember to hire locals as guides and assistant diggers. They know the area better than anyone else and may be able to point out as yet undiscovered sites.

Labels all finds clearly and keep full records of all objects and their original locations. Evidence of full disclosure will be necessary for authorities to review before deciding which objects you may keep.

Close the site in a respectful manner after the end of dig. If you want to be invited back to an area tidying up after yourself and paying all workers decently will go a long way.

Disclose all finds to local historical and governmental authorities. If you fail to disclose your find, get the proper travel permits for items you are keeping, and have proof of ownership of the items or you will not be able to take items from the country legally.

Arrange and pack items to museum standards before traveling. Often large items will be stored in an airplane's undercarriage and so foam wrapping, straw, and bubble wrap may all be necessary to insure no damage occurs during flight. Keep copy of documentation with items.

Insure all items before leaving. Keep insurance documents with the rest of your artifact documents on your person. Staying legal and above board with all find activities will ensure your credibility as a professional tomb raider.


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