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Construction Cleaning Job Requirements

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It is challenging to keep construction sites clean. Each project depends upon specialized trades working in close quarters using hundreds of different materials and processes. The amount of waste generated on a construction site increases exponentially when demolition is part of the job. Very specific requirements for cleaning construction jobs will result in cleaner, safer jobs, and happier owners.


Collect garbage and debris from all areas of the property and dispose of it in approved receptacles. Collect cardboard, glass, discarded pallets, aluminum cans and plastic containers and sort them into the appropriate containers in the recycling area. Do this three times each day when there is construction activity.

Collect discarded building materials like scraps of lumber, drywall pieces and empty product containers and sort them into the appropriate scrap piles next to the recycling area.

Check active work areas for chemical, oil and fuel spills on the ground or paved surfaces. Follow established safety rules and reporting and hazardous materials procedures for containing and cleaning up spills.

Buildings During Construction

Walk through each building two times per day collecting and disposing of garbage and debris into approved waste canisters. Remove bagged waste from the canisters when full, or on the second walk-through. Dispose of the bags in the approved receptacles outside of the building. Install new bags in the waste receptacles at least daily, and more often when receptacles fill up.

Collect recyclable materials and sort them into the appropriate containers in the recycling area.

Collect scrap building materials and sort them into the appropriate piles.

Buildings Before Turnover

Thoroughly clean all surfaces as necessary to create a finished and new appearance. Clean floors and apply the required coatings, sealers and/or waxes. Clean all plumbing and electrical fixtures. Clean all glass. Clean counter tops, cabinetry, trim, moulding and doors. Clean appliances. Clean inside cabinets, drawers and closets. Clean shelves, ledges and overhangs.

Remove all materials from cabinets, drawers, closets, shelves, ledges and overhangs and place them in the designated post-construction staging area. Remove all waste canisters, empty their contents into outdoor receptacles and stack the containers in the recycling area.

Clean around, under and over heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Clean the spaces around water heaters. Clean the tops of water heaters.


Record unsightly conditions that require management involvement to rectify. Note unusual increases or decreases in the volumes of waste materials. Report missing materials, tools and receptacles used for site and building cleanliness. Inspect the recycling area, staging areas and outdoor receptacles and note inappropriate materials, or volumes of materials.