How to Get a Civil Service Job

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How to Get a Civil Service Job. Civil services jobs offer excellent career opportunities. The pay is good and the benefits are even better. Plus the system for obtaining civil service jobs is known for its fairness. Every applicant is judged on performance and nothing else.

Find a site that lists civil service jobs. You can easily find your state's listings. Check the listings and the requirements. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements for the position you are interested in.

Apply for each of the jobs that you are interested in. You will need to fill out a separate civil service application for each one. There is no limit to the number you can apply for.

Wait for your test to be scheduled. There may be some time between the time you apply and the test. Use this time to apply for other jobs.

Take the test. It may be a written exam, performance test or an oral quiz. The test may be based on your education and experience, although these are usually promotional exams, not entrance exams. Most entrance exams are general information tests and every one is graded on the same basis. Personalities do not come into play, just the results of your test.

Wait for the results of your test. If you did well you will be scheduled for an interview.

Be prepared for your interview. This is the first time the employer will actually meet you and though the results of your test are vital, first impressions are also important, especially if there is only one position.


You can repeatedly take different tests, so if you don't earn the job on your first try, there will be other opportunities.


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