How to Choose an Occupation

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How to Choose an Occupation. Choosing an occupation is one of the most important decisions you make in your life. Ideally, you'll have a passion for the career you choose and be able to make a living at it. Here's how to pick an occupation that satisfies your soul and meets your economic needs.

Learn about what interests you. The adage is true: "If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." By choosing a career in which you have interest, you'll be less likely to become stressed at the thought of going to work everyday or constantly worry about how much is in your pay check. In addition, your job performance will excel because your heart will be in it.

Capitalize on your strengths. Being good at what you do will supply you with a sense of pride each day and will build your confidence. It will also lead to optimum success financially through promotions, referrals and career advancement. Learn how to capitalize on the skills or talents you possess.

Try many different jobs and keep an open mind. Here's another adage that's true: "You will never know unless you try." By trying various occupations to see if you like them, you will increase your chances of discovering the right match. Even working jobs that seem menial can spark a related interest or lead to something bigger within any given field.

Talk to people about their occupations. Learning about what other people do for a living can give you a sense of what a given job entails and whether you would like it or not. Try not to listen to others' personal opinions about the job. If it sounds like something you'd like, find out as much as possible about it through career centers, libraries and the Internet.


Do not become discouraged if you don't find the right fit immediately. For some people, choosing an occupation takes a week. Sometimes it takes longer for others. Also, it is now quite common for people to change occupations frequently with ease. Don't feel as if one career choice has to be forever.

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