How to Start a Chimney Sweep Business

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How to Start a Chimney Sweep Business. Being a chimney sweep is a dirty job, but it's certainly something you can make money doing. Starting a chimney sweep business takes a substantial initial investment, but if you do quality work you can recoup that money in no time.

Buy tools. Get a few different types of brushes and rods as well as a good creosote cleaner. Purchase a vacuum to get rid of the soot and a ladder to get on the roof. Also get tarps to protect your clients' furniture and floor.

Secure transportation. Being a chimney sweep means going where the chimneys are. Get a van or truck that is big enough to haul your tools to and from a job.

Select a business location. Work from home or open a shop if you need space for a showroom or storage area.

Set a price rate. Decide what you'll charge per chimney and if there will be different rates based on the size of the chimney. Also think about whether or not to charge for mileage.

Consider offering additional services. In addition to sweeping chimneys, you may wish to offer gutter and roof cleaning services. These additional services boost the amount of money you can make at one house.

Advertise your business. Let people know about your chimney sweep business by buying newspaper ads, handing out flyers and launching a website.


In addition to the regular chimney sweep tools, get overalls, face masks and eye protection. Don't forget that customers rely the chimney sweep to alert them to anything potentially hazardous in their chimney. Get training to learn to spot these problems before you start your chimney sweep business. Join the National Association of Chimney Sweeps to give your business credibility. Membership benefits include insurance and networking with others in the industry.

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