How to Make a Business Phone Call

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How to Make a Business Phone Call. The first impression anyone gets from you will be lasting. Your voice on the other end of a telephone line is that first impression. You need to conduct yourself in a professional manner when calling people for business purposes. Expect the same results as you would in an in-office meeting. Here are a few steps to help you along.

Preparing for the Business Call

Remember that a business telephone call is comprised of three components: the beginning introduction, the middle bulk of the call, and the end summing up.

Say everything that you need to in order to explain your reason for calling. State when you will return the call or request that the other person call you back. If you have to leave a message, be concise.

Let the other person know at the beginning of the call if you plan to use a speaker phone or record any part of the conversation.

Making the Business Call

Introduce yourself or remind the person you call of your identity at the beginning of the call.

Find out if the person you are calling is fully available to talk. If not, try to schedule an appointment for you to call back.

Use notes to help guide you through the specifics you want to mention. This may be the only chance you really have to get your point across.

Ask the other person to repeat what you are saying in their own words. This is important in ensuring you are both on the same page and understand what the conversation is about.

Stick to the subject and do not allow the business conversation to drag out with meaningless chatter.

Review the important points of the discussion, going over each person's responsibilities.

End the call on a pleasant note. Thank the other person for their time, set an appointment for another call (if needed) and wish them a good day. Be sure to set up who will make the call.


Set a specific time to make business calls. If you have an office, shut your door when making detailed business calls. This will keep the conversation more private and will not bother those sitting in areas outside your office. Limiting distractions on your end will help the telephone call to go smoothly.


Be sensitive to the silence needs of your coworkers. Their work is as important as yours.


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