How to Practice for a Typing Test

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How to Practice for a Typing Test. Typing comes easily to some people, and for those who are proficient in typing quickly for work or school will not need to stress about taking a typing test for a job. If you are not comfortable with your current typing speed and feel the need to practice for a typing test, it will take some time but it is an easy skill to brush up on.

Type every day. Practice for a typing test by carving out 10 to 15 minutes every day to type non-stop. This will make your study time easier by spreading it out rather than typing your fingers numb the day before you are tested.

Sit comfortably when you practice for a typing test. It is important to have both feet on the ground and keep your back as straight as possible. This will help you avoid fatigue and damaging your wrists as you type.

Place the copy you are using at the left or right of your monitor when you practice for a typing test. You will be asked in a timed test to read and type at the same time, so you must be comfortable enough to type without looking at your hands.

Change the copy you are using for your typing tests frequently. Your speed will increase if you are too familiar with what you are typing.

Use online typing tests to monitor your speed, as you get more and more comfortable with your typing speed and accuracy.

Avoid editing yourself as you go. Accuracy is counted on most typing tests, but the time you take to edit your typing as you go will go against your speed.


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