How to Get Forestry Jobs

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How to Get Forestry Jobs. A career in forestry may seem like the dream job to some. Much time is spent outdoors amongst nature getting the hands dirty and knees grass-stained. Jobs may seem limited, but experts say there may be rise in jobs available in the industry in coming years. Follow the tips below to begin your career in forestry.

Get a Bachelor of Science degree to become a forester. Foresters usually begin their careers in the outdoors, and may advance through their careers by moving into areas such as marketing, conservation, public relations, government committees, management and more.

Become a forestry technician by getting a two-year technical degree from a forestry technical school. It should be a Society of America Foresters accredited program. A career as a forestry technician is generally paid lower than that of a forester but will ensure more wok in the field.

Find on-the-job training and entry-level positions to gain experience to become a forest or logging worker. A position like this is much manual labor and does not require an education. It is best to start out early in life, working manual labor jobs for close to minimum wage.

Work as an intern while you can. This is often unpaid, but you will gain valuable experience and demonstrate passion for the work. Do this while in college, in high school or even while working another paid job.

Look for jobs with the government. The single largest employer of most forestry jobs are the federal and state governments. Be ready to be a government employee, and begin job searches there.

Get involved with Forestry Organizations. These many be at college or local community organizations. Once again this will provide experience, give invaluable professional contacts and look great in a resume.

Subscribe to The Journal of Forestry and The Society of American Foresters. These are both monthly publications and will keep you updated on current issues, trends and job opportunities.

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