How to Become an Event Planner

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How to Become an Event Planner. Event planning can be a great business for someone with a knack for hosting parties. Event planners usually succeed once they have a good client base and referrals.

Figure out what you are good at when it comes to party planning. This can be weddings, corporate events, birthday parties or any number of other events that need planning.

Calculate what your startup costs are. This can be small to large, depending on what services you want to offer your clients.

Gain some experience in event planning by getting some certificates and taking classes marketing, accounting and sales.

Market yourself as a businessperson to everyone you intend to work with, even though you don't. You want to appear professional in every situation so people want to hire you for the job. This includes email and phone calls.

Pass out business cards with your contact information, logo and tagline to as many people as possible.

Develop a website that lets your potential clients know what you offer. Optimize your site for search engines as well. The higher up in the search engines, the more hits you get, the more people look through your site and the more likely someone hires you.

Create a portfolio with past projects, including personal ones, so people can see your work.


Don't forget that insurance is part of your startup costs, even if you work out of your home in the beginning. You can have clients and a more successful business when you learn to sell yourself to people.


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