How to Make Excuses to Get Out of Work

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How to Make Excuses to Get Out of Work. There are those who live for their work, and are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the office every day. Others need to make excuses to get out of work on occassion just to get by. Whether in the need of a day off, or just in the need of a day without work stress, there are ways to make excuses.

Forget the old faithful. If you can't fake a sick voice when you make excuses to get out of work, go with someone else. Parents can use their children's "illness" as an excuse, and spouses can use their partner's "illness." You can also toss the sick voice, say that you have some personal problem, and have a doctor's appointment. This one is tricky as you will probably need to provide proof, but if an hour at the doctor's office is better than the office, then it might be worth it.

Go with your gut. The "24-hour stomach flu" is used quite a bit. This gets you out of work for a day, leaves the symptoms vague enough to not be questioned, and allows you to ensure that you can go in the next day looking a bit peaky but no worse for the wear. Make sure to give a good performance when you make excuses to get out of work and don't sound too cheery when you say you have been puking for hours. The typical vomit victim would be a bit hoarse.

Be creative. Instead of going with the stomach area, try making up a whopper of a lie. Go up to your boss at the end of the day, or the beginning, and simply say that you just got a call. Make up a story about a gas leak, a water pip bursting, a fire, a flood or a vague emergency and you have leave or take the next day off. Be quick, as though it really is an emergency, and leave it at that. Don't wait around and chat about it, just get in and out. It also helps that someone in the office can verify your claim, or at least knows about it.


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