How to Be a Translator

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How to Be a Translator. The demand for translators has become increasingly more popular as publishers rush to get copies of popular books into as many countries as possible. There's now an enormous demand online for websites to be translated into multiple languages for global access to these sites. Thanks to this boom in online venues, skilled translators will always have work available both online and in print. Read on to learn more.

Know two languages fluently. Be able to write well in each language.

Translate copy into your native language, which is the accepted way to translate text in most cases.

Get a degree in English, communications, journalism, or writing in your native language with a minor in the language you want to be able to translate. Get a masters or higher for even more cache in the translation world.

Use immersion techniques to speed your understanding of a language as well as its slang and common idioms. Live in a country that speaks the language, or enroll in an immersion program such as a language camp.

Have a good, late-model computer with a fast Internet connection. Have Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe Acrobat in order to be able to access any online documents that a client may assign you. Have a fax machine that will allow you to send and receive contracts and other documents.

Keep up-to-date reference books such as dictionaries in your own language and your foreign language handy for quick referencing.

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