How to Become a Secretary

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How to Become a Secretary. When looking for career choices, secretary positions often get overlooked. While some secretarial positions are entry-level and don't pay well, high-paying positions can only be obtained by special training. Learn how to become a secretary by following these steps.

Obtain a degree in business administration or attend classes offered by community or vocational schools. There are 2-year degrees available in secretarial training. Training involves computer and keyboarding classes and office skills. Entry-level positions don't require training, but some basic computer and office skills are necessary. You must also type quickly and proficiently.

Become proficient in skills such as keyboarding, spelling, communication, grammar and punctuation. Employers of secretaries also seek honesty, discretion and organization. Secretaries must often work independently and organize their work to become efficient in the office.

Go into a field that you enjoy. If you would like working in healthcare, apply for a medical secretary position. Legal secretaries require special training, but the earning potential is higher than that of other secretaries.

Apply for an entry-level secretarial position in an office even before you have training. Experience on your resume is often looked upon as greater than some training courses.

Be prepared to learn on the job. Many secretarial positions require job-specific skills. Employers or co-workers help get you started and may offer specific training courses for that particular job.

Dress appropriately for an office position when being interviewed for a secretarial position. A secretary is often the first person clients see. Employers want you to look professional and appropriate.

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