How to Become an Inventor

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How to Become an Inventor. Although becoming a successful inventor can be tough, it is doable. As a would-be entrepreneur, you have an endless resource to tap: your mind. But the process is a bit more complicated than just coming up with ideas. You have to know how to turn those ideas into a working product and how to protect your intellectual property.

Study and become a student of logic. Understanding basic logic principles greatly helps with Step 2.

Brainstorm your ideas. Study how things work and note problems and inefficiencies. Then come up with solutions.

Conduct your own research. You need to make sure your idea is original, and you need to know the market for your product.

Decide if you will apply for a patent. A patent protects your idea by preventing others from copying it. However, the process is long and expensive, so make sure your idea is worth the money and effort before you apply.

Write a business plan. This should include information about the product, your company, customers, market, competition, and risks involved. See eHow article, "How to Write a Business Plan" for help.

Market your invention. Get some professional-looking brochures. Consider a website. Send personalized letters to companies who sell products similar to yours.

Realize you have a potential to make money. You have several options here: sell the rights and patent to your idea altogether, "rent" the right to use your idea through a licensing agreement, or create, market and sell your idea yourself.


Beginners should hire a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property law to help apply for a patent and negotiate with companies interested in your product.


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