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How to Become a Kindle eBook Reseller

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Anyone can become a Kindle eBook reseller if you have books to resell. You can run a profitable business when you choose to resell ebooks on the Kindle that are not already available on the Kindle. The Kindle Direct Publishing website allows anyone to create an account and offer books to the public. If you live in a foreign country, Kindle Direct Publishing requires that you obtain a Taxpayer Identification number from the IRS for royalty payments.

Establish an Account

Individual users or companies are only allowed one account on the Kindle Direct Publishing website -- you cannot have multiple accounts. You can establish an individual account under your personal name and Social Security number or an account under a separate company name as long as it is a legal entity identified by its own Taxpayer Identification number. You can upload an unlimited amount of books for sale under your account name as long as you meet the KDP terms and conditions for content and publication. You need to provide your Social Security number or Tax Identification number for purposes of reporting your royalty payments to the IRS at the end of the year. You will also need to type in your bank account number if you want to receive direct deposits of your royalties.

Rights to Sell

Kindle Direct Publishing content guidelines require that you own the exclusive rights to resell an eBook on the Kindle. If the book is already freely available on the Internet, you cannot resell it on the Kindle. To resell an eBook on the Kindle, you need an exclusive license or a contract from the author or publisher for the rights to resell it on the Kindle. If you do not own the exclusive rights to sell the eBook, you could face serious lawsuits from the author or publisher or get your account banned by Kindle Direct Publishing. Sometimes authors that create eBooks sell the rights to the book to more than one person. Kindle Direct Publishing requires that eBooks you resell are not already offered by third parties and do not infringe on copyrights, trademarks, publicity or privacy rights or violate state, federal and international laws.

Public Domain Books

Books in the public domain – or books with expired copyrights – offer an excellent opportunity for the savvy reseller to resell them as eBooks on the Kindle. Public domain books include many timeless classics that may not be available as eBooks on the Kindle. You can resell public domain books as Kindle eBooks as long as a similar copy doesn't already exist on the Kindle. Before uploading a public domain book for resale as an eBook on the Kindle, verify that the copy you offer is different from others already offered on the Kindle. Simply adding a new introduction to the book doesn't qualify under Kindle Direct Publishing's rules for publication and resale.

The eBook Format

After you've established your account to resell your eBooks on the Kindle, you need to add information about your book. This includes adding the book's title, a description, author names or contributors to the book, the book's language, the publication date, publisher and International Standards Book Number, if you have one. After that, you need to verify your ownership rights to the book. If you are adding a book from the public domain, you need to indicate that – but Amazon retains the right of refusal of a public domain book if it doesn't meet its criteria. Add two browse categories and between five and seven keywords to help readers find your books. Upload a new cover image and the eBook in the required formats. Formats include Adobe PDF documents, Word, HTML, ePub, plain and rich text documents. Amazon advises that you avoid special formatting in your document so that it doesn't create problems during the conversion of your document while it uploads.

Royalties and Pricing

Kindle Direct Publishing, at the time of publication, allows you the option of choosing between two royalty options: 35 and 70 percent. The 35 percent royalty option applies to books with minimum prices from $.99 to $2.99 and up to 10 megabytes. For example, the royalty option of 35 percent equates to you receiving approximately $0.35 for a $.99 book, $0.70 for a $1.99 book and $1.05 for a $2.99 book. The maximum price you can charge for a book with a 35 percent royalty option is $200. To select the 70 percent royalty option, your book must be set at a minimum price of $2.99 with a maximum of $9.99. If you have international publishing rights to your book, you can also choose to have your book sold on Amazon's international websites, which currently include the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and Brazil. Royalty payments are calculated and made 60 days after the sale. After adding all pertinent information, publish your book to the Kindle. It usually takes up to 72 hours for it to appear on the Amazon website.


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