How to Take the Civil Service Exam

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How to Take the Civil Service Exam. There are a variety of career opportunities available to those who take civil service exams. Civil service jobs range from the United States Postal Service to clerical and administrative services. Taking the Civil Service Exam for the area you're interested in is the first step to a position.

Decide what kind of civil service you want to apply for. There are a variety of positions and job types available with different testing.

Visit the USA Jobs website for clerical positions and the post office exam site for postal jobs.

Identify a job announcement in your area of interest or where you live.

Submit a form online and you will receive an admission card in a couple of days.

Complete the form you receive and send it to the address on the original announcement.

Copy the announcement from the appropriate website. This will have the address where you need to send the form.

Wait for the form to be returned to you by mail. This will contain your scheduled exam date and location of the exam. Along with this form, you will receive a second form that you must complete and bring with you to the exam.


Do some research about the kinds of jobs available before scheduling a Civil Service Exam. There are different tests for different areas. Identify the kind of work you want to do before you sign up. The pursuit of government jobs can be pretty competitive. If you don't do well the first time you take the exam, don't be discouraged. Try again when you are better prepared.

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