How to Become a PeopleSoft Developer

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How to Become a PeopleSoft Developer. PeopleSoft is a software program used by companies for purposes such as payroll, employee information and related data. Become a PeopleSoft developer to have a rewarding career utilizing your software and communications skills.

Research the PeopleSoft application to learn what types of companies frequently use it, as well as to gain an understanding of how it works within these organizations. This can help you decide whether you'd like to pursue a career in a specific department, like HR or payroll, and whether you need specialized courses, such as accounting or business, to help you reach your goals.

Start out learning the basic programs and then branch out by learning how to use the marketing, customer service, management, human resources and financial software systems. This will give you a good background in all the different PeopleSoft packages used by major corporations.

Major in either computer software or computer science to get a solid background in the overall field of technology. To become a developer, you'll need experience in working with the PeopleSoft program, but you'll also need to be familiar with commonly used programs, technological equipment and basic programming.

Consider taking on a job as a computer software assistant to get the experience needed to become a developer. You'll likely need at least 2 to 3 years experience working with PeopleSoft applications to become a developer.

Enhance your ability to coordinate new information and relate innovative ideas to staff members. Change is hard for some workers and, as a PeopleSoft developer, you are likely to be implementing a new system within a company. You may want to take an interpersonal communications course to learn how to handle difficult coworkers and adversity in the workplace.

Meet with a career coach or employment agency that specializes in getting computer contracts. These professionals often have inside connections to help get you a job interview or place you at the head of the line for upcoming positions


Reach out to companies that hire computer software developers. You can take the initiative by appealing directly to the Human Resources departments of major financial institutions and submitting your resumé. You may want to narrow your approach by targeting only those companies you know use the PeopleSoft program.

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