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The Advantages of Being a Computer Software Engineer

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Software engineers are the computer programming personnel who shape the way end users interact with computer technology. Once the realm of the “geek,” computer software engineering is rapidly becoming a mainstream profession, due in no small part to its robust earning potential and ever-increasing demand. As long as there is consumer demand for computer technology, there will be no shortage of work for computer software engineers.

Software Engineer Job Description

Software engineers create software for applications ranging from business to gaming entertainment. Some computer software engineers may prefer to work with graphic user interface-style programming suites, while others focus on the more textual and mathematics-based line-by-line coding methodologies. Some common programming environments and languages used are C, C++ as well as Java and Visual Basic; Python is another prominent coding language. Software engineers may also work with other information technology professionals, such as website design experts, to integrate business software at their website portals.

The Bigger Picture of the Career Path

While the detailed specifics of programming may seem boring and highly analytical to the outside observer, the end result is software that drives business and entertainment for virtually all of the Western world. As a career path, software engineers have the advantage of being able to choose the niche of software design that attracts their personal interest. Whether it is lucrative corporate solution software or publishing $.99 apps for mobile phones, there is major potential for building a lucrative customer base. According to Tech Crunch, seemingly frivolous apps such as “5800+ Drink and Cocktail Recipes” can generate staggering income in the iPhone App store; this app made $1,500 per day at one point. Tech Crunch credited one app -- the programmer wished the name to remain anonymous -- with earning $5,000 in a single day.

Computer Software Engineering as a Creative Outlet

Software engineers coming from a liberal arts background may find their study of arts and aesthetics valuable in a user interface design role. Having a professional, polished and intuitive interface is an expected aspect of consumer software. Visually appealing user interfaces catch the eye of prospective software buyers and help software engineering teams fully capitalize on the time spent coding the underlying workings of their creations.

Strong Earning Potential of Software Engineering

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for staff in software engineering is likely to grow must faster than the average for other professions. The unprecedented demand for programmers, coupled with the complex set of skills required to be a software engineer, results in a very lucrative average pay for the field. The middle 50 percent of earners reported a yearly wage of $67,790 to $128,870.


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