How to Become Speaker of the House

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How to Become Speaker of the House. Speaker of the House, officially known as the Speaker for the United States House of Representatives, is truly the highest honor in which you can directly represent the people of the United States. The Speaker of the House is elected by other members to preside over the house and carry out many other legislative, administrative and political duties. Use these steps to learn how to work your way toward the position of Speaker of the House.

Get involved in politics at an early age and read up on everything you can in the ways of government. It is important to understand the inner workings of the different branches of government, no matter which area you might decide to work in.

Join debate team, school politics and political youth groups and activities. This will help to mold you into the type of person you will need to be to maintain an extremely competitive and complicated political career.

Attend a good college and study political science. It's good to take a few writing, public speaking, sociology, economics and legal classes as well to give you a more well-rounded view of the world.

Earn excellent grades, honors and recommendations from professors. These will be great things on your resume and show great promise for your political career early on.

Consider getting an advanced degree. A law degree, Masters or PHD can only help shore up your political credentials. Remember, that in politics your resume must be very impressive to hold up to the scrutiny of the media, colleagues and voters.

Follow up with the political contacts you made through your college activities and try to find a job working on a campaign or running for a small elected position. Such activities will help you get your feet wet in the political system and learn first hand how the campaign trail works.

Choose a district and shoot for making contacts that will help you win election to the House of Representatives. There are 435 seats in the House, each covering a distinct district with a unique blend of issues. Obviously, familiarizing yourself with this district and the people living in it will prepare you to represent the voice of this area.

Keep working hard at representing your district and state in the House of Representatives. After you have served for your first term, a two-year stint, you can start making friends in the House. These friends will be much needed when it is time for you to campaign among them for election to the Speaker position.

Throw your name in the hat for Speaker when you feel you've made the right combination of allies, influence and support from your constituents. House speakers are chosen every even-numbered year and begin their Speaker duties in January of the ensuing odd-numbered year.


Stay in perspective and remember who got you to the House in the first place- your constituents. You must always represent them fairly and with the highest standard of ethics. You will now be a child's role model, as many politicians were for you; what kind of role model will you be?


Don't burn any bridges or make any enemies along the way. The political world is vast with lots of players in the game, but you can be assured that they all strategize against and with one another. The wrong impression will spread faster than a helping hand.


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