How to Become Vice President of the United States

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How to Become Vice President of the United States. The Vice President of the United States is the second most powerful person in the country. He can quickly find himself holding the highest position if the current president is unable to serve in that capacity. Use these steps to learn more about the process of becoming Vice President of the United States.

Become active in politics throughout your middle and high school years. Build a foundation of public speaking and working with people. There are many ways to get involved. Each of the political parties have junior clubs for your participation. Hone your skills in debate clubs and school political groups, such as the student council. Run for something so you learn what it's like to seek office.

Study political science, public speaking, world issues and the law in college to get a well-rounded career. The education degrees that have been held among vice presidents represent a large variety.

Remember that the Vice President has a largely ceremonial role as President of the Senate and a spokesperson for the President. A stately resume and clean background, as well as feeling comfortable being under the public microscope, will aid any potential VP candidate.

Work for a public official to learn the political ropes early in your career. With a little experience, you can start to move towards your goal as opportunities present themselves, moving up the chain of command through promotions.

Keep working your way up the ranks, forming good relationships with other politicians along the way. As you get farther into your career, you will become more entrenched in your party, which is important as you will need their endorsement to run for vice president.

Run for office. Regardless of whether its the Senate, House or other public office, a Vice President should understand the campaign process intimately, as a VP serves an integral role in presidential elections. In recent years, many VPs have come from a Congressional position.

Become a Cabinet member. If you aren't particularly suited for life as an elected member of Congress, joining a presidential cabinet is the next best thing. U.S. Vice Presidents of the past include Secretaries of State, Defense and even Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency.


Always keep your constituents happy as they are inevitably the people that will get you into the position that you desire.


Never leave a bad impression or act unethically. This can ruin your career and word will spread fast about your indiscretions.


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