How to Become a Quality Assurance Engineer

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How to Become a Quality Assurance Engineer. The field of quality assurance engineering has expanded greatly with the growth in computer ownership. As a quality assurance engineer, you would take a product like a computer or DVD player and test it to find out how it responds to a variety of processes or misuses. Your ability to pick apart products for their weaknesses will help you become a capable quality assurance engineer. Read on to learn more.

Break Into the Quality Assurance Engineering Field

Enroll in a 4-year college program in computer science or software design. Most quality assurance engineers utilize computer science and software design to learn logical progressions, develop comfort with computers and see the development process from the designer perspective.

Search for product testing positions as part-time work or internships during your college years. You can become a product tester with companies that gear their products to college students, like video game studios and food producers. While these products may not directly relate to quality assurance engineering, they can allow you to develop an analytical mind.

Rise through the ranks of your internship or part-time job into a full-time position. To help you do this, attach yourself to a mentor at your company and inquire about job openings, new positions and unassigned projects regularly to create opportunities in which you can prove your skills.

Try to test items outside of your area of expertise to gain a new perspective on your work. For example, you can request to help out an overworked healthcare systems team when you have a lull in your workload. This experience can challenge your comfort zone and let you see other QA engineering possibilities within your company.

Demonstrate your readiness to ascend the quality assurance engineering ladder by offering innovative suggestions to your supervisor. One area where product testers can make a splash is in product manuals and protocol instructions. You should note areas where improvements are needed to give your supervisor tangible proof.

Establish a routine checklist for you and your team as you become a quality assurance engineer. Quality assurance engineers often work in small teams to get major projects completed before final production. If you are an effective manager who covers all the bases, you will find the opportunities for advancement may come your way.


Take advantage of every professional development opportunity available early on in your quality assurance career. This field is increasingly competitive because annual graduating classes feature candidates with greater IT knowledge. You need to show your desire for advancement while learning about quality assurance engineering and documentation issues.

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