How to Become a Medical Sales Rep

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How to Become a Medical Sales Rep. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, sales of medical supplies are expected to steadily grow through the year 2014 at a rate higher than all other industries combined. For this reason, many sales professionals turn to the medical products and supply industry to become a medical sales rep. Find out if you can too by learning how to become a medical sales rep.

Invest in your education to become a medical sales rep, if you do not already have a college degree. Due to an increased volume in medical sales being realized over the last few years, and stiff competition in the industry, more manufacturers and supply companies require that a medical sales rep have a health, medical, science or business related college degree.

Emphasize your technical knowledge and sales experience if you do not currently possess a college degree or are unable to enroll in continuing education at present. Many medical supply companies will still allow you to become a medical sales rep if you have the appropriate background, skills and experience.

Demonstrate that you have a professional attitude, an enthusiasm for developing new business (this is key) and excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Your first opportunity to do so will be from your resume and cover letter, followed by an initial interview (usually by phone) and finally a personal meeting.

Expect that the company that hires you to become a medical sales rep will likely have you engaged in an extensive training program on their product lines, as well as current and projected research and development. For some new sales reps, this training period could last as long as 2 years and include following a mentoring sales rep around in the field for several more months.

Obtain your Cp.m.R certification (Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative), if you wish to boost your credibility as a medical sales rep (and possibly your earning capacity). A Cp.m.R designation indicates that you have advanced training in practical and business models over the medical industry's standard practices. It generally involves three training sessions and the successful completion of 3 corresponding exams provided by the Manufacturers' Representative Educational Research Foundation (see Resources below).


A medical sales rep often enjoys commissions and bonuses in addition to a regular base salary, as well as full medical benefits. In addition, medical sales reps work independently and can often arrange their own scheduled work hours.


Some extensive travel may be required of a medical sales rep, including extended trips that reach across a large in-state territory or even several states. Due to this travel, medical sales reps typically work more than 40 hours per week.


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