How to Become a Janitor

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How to Become a Janitor. Like everything other job in today's world, the job description of a janitor has changed. Usually hired to clean and maintain a building, the job can now include using computers, doing repair, landscaping work and painting. While janitor jobs are plentiful, there are also many job seekers. Here's how to get the edge on the competition.

Update your resume and begin writing a general cover letter. Most janitor jobs are advertised in your local paper or at Workforce centers. Be prepared to apply for openings.

Visit your local Workforce center to get help with your resume, brush up on your interviewing skills and get help finding jobs.

Learn new skills. Check with your local Workforce Center for opportunities to expand your knowledge of basic plumbing, electricity and landscaping. There are many janitorial job seekers and these additional skills can help you land the job.

If you aren't comfortable using a computer, look into taking some courses. Your state employment agencies often offer these free of charge to job seekers. Janitors may have to use computers for security systems or to log in their time. Be sure to note your skills on your resume.


Janitors generally begin working for minimum wage, but with experience and additional skills this will increase. There are no special educational requirements for janitorial jobs but some high school, or a high school diploma is usually required. Shop classes are helpful and should be noted on your resume. If you haven't completed high school, consider earning your GED. Check with trade unions or government agencies in your area for learning opportunities or apprentice positions. Good health is a requirement for all janitors. You will be doing a great deal of walking, bending, stooping and lifting both indoors and outside, often in extreme weather.


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