How to Shrink Wrap a Pallet

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When you are shipping large or heavy items it is best to load them on a pallet. When there are multiple pieces to be shipped on the pallet it is best to shrink wrap the items. Follow these instructions on how to shrink wrap a pallet.

Be sure to use a pallet that is in good shape. You do not want to use a pallet that has broken boards or splitting edges, as you chance losing or damaging items. Find a pallet that is exactly the right size to accommodate your items.

Place the items on your pallet as close together as possible. If they shift after being shrink wrapped the plastic will loosen and items can fall off.

If you're stacking multiple pallets, be sure to place them at a 45 degree angle so that you do not have to bend over far and the corners are more easily accessible. Check the entire load to ensure all the stacked pallets are sturdy.

Peel a couple of feet off of your shrink wrap roll. Squeeze about eight inches of the end of the shrink wrap into a loose rope and thread it through and around a corner of your pallet.

Wrap the shrink wrap around the base of the pallet. Make sure you wrap it enough times that it will not fall off - generally four to five times. The plastic sticks to itself - if you wrap it tight when you go around the corners you should be alright.

Work your way up from the base and when you reach the top, start working your way back down again. The idea is to create a combined unit consisting of the items to be shipped and the pallet. When completed be sure to check that none of the items have shifted and that the entire unit is tight and secure.

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